“I believe that there are always stories worth telling and voices that need to be heard.”

Asmaa El Khaldi

A Palestinian visual storyteller and filmmaker, with a BA in Architectural Engineering.

I have over 7 years of experience, I deliver high quality and spot-on photography. As a freelance journalist, I have gained exceptional communication writing, reporting, and social media skills.

My work was showcased in Gaza, Jerusalem, Amman, Washington DC, and London. It was also featured in The Independent, Caritas International, TRT World, Gisha LCFM, and Mercy Corps.

My passion for storytelling and reporting led me to working on the Palestine VR project, in which you’re taken on a virtual 360 tour of Gaza city.

Responsible and with an exemplary work ethic, I bring professional attitude to my work promoting key programs and initiatives with the Gaza Sky Geeks.

As  Visual Storyteller & Project Coordinator with  Gaza Sky Geeks, I also collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on communications, media, and PR opportunities for NGOs.

My Work

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