ــ a  brave horseback rider.
She considers her horse a closed family member.

A passionate equestrian, Shammala started horseback riding after a summer visit to Egypt. When she returned to Gaza, she decided to train more. Her family expressed concerns, telling her it’s not a safe sport. They were also unsure about how the community would respond to her choice.
Amal’s tenacity paid off. The family eventually allowed her to visit the equestrian club in northern Gaza, where people from different ages and genders practice the sport.

Amal has become emotionally attached to the horses she rides. When her favorite horse, Hektor, died suddenly, she mourned the loss for weeks and didn’t eat for several days. She even stopped going to the club where Hektor was bred, switching instead to another one.
“I can’t bear going there and not seeing my most beloved creature. He was one of my family members,” Amal says.

Amal kisses her favorite horse “Hektor”.

Amal is getting prepared for her horse ride.

Amal prepares her favorite horse for the ride.

Amal walks her favorite horse “Hektor” out of the stable for the ride.

Amal gets some tips from the coach, along with other equestrians.

Amal bravely rides her favorite horse “Hektor”.

Amal chats with a friend during a break.

Amal feeds her favorite horse “Hektor”.

Amal poses with her favorite horse “Hektor”, who she drew a graffiti at his stable.

Amal clears up a jump.

Amal sits with her family in their house at Gaza city. Her father supports his kids on pursuing sports.

Amal with her first-place trophy.